We follow our principles and disciplines to add value to our partners and consumers.


Our Mission

We grow a fruitful future.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct reflects the ambition and pride of our identity. The way we work defines a key part of our existence which is to add value to our partners and look after our colleagues.

It is of paramount importance to acknowledge that we do not bribe or accept bribes to influence our business decisions and successes.

We are a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) to drive improvement in ethical performance.
We adhere to our values of GROW – Genuine, Reliable, Open and, Warm.

Our Business Practice

We do not take bribery and/or participate in corruption. We observe all sanctions and/or trade controls in accordance with governing bodies. We believe in competing fairly, openly, and honestly in the horticultural industry.

Our Partners

Whether it is our suppliers, customers, or service providers we seek opportunities to add value to their business. We believe if our partners grow, we will grow. We persevere together with our partners in difficult times.

Our People

We care for the health, well-being, and safety of our people. We continually champion the merits of diversity and inclusion across all our businesses.

Our Shared World

We practice respect of all cultural ethnicities and celebrate our differences. We endeavour to nurture and leave the environment better than when we found it for future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility


As an organisation, we take social licence with great importance and our goal is to be an exemplary corporate citizen. We deeply care about our planet, the environment, our surrounding communities, and the colleagues who work each day to provide us all with a fruitful future.

Caring for our planet
• Reducing carbon footprint by planting trees
• Establishing solar farms
• Purchasing renewable energies
• Reducing water usage by improving water efficiency

Supporting social and economic opportunity
• Supporting local communities, such as sponsoring and the rebuilding of Woorinen Football Club
• Partnering with local service providers to support regional employment

Becoming a socially responsible business partner
• We are an equal opportunity place of employment
• We donate to Food Bank to support those in need
• We provide training and employment to new immigrants and citizens

Community Engagement

We seek opportunities to actively engage the communities in which we work, as well as in those we serve. We build long-term relationships and develop meaningful partnerships. Our actions and activities help to build capacity in individuals as well as in organisations through sustainable and reciprocal collaborations.

We’re in this for the greater good of all.

Corporate Culture

Our actions are consistent with our words

We accept our responsibilities and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards. Most importantly, we look to add value to our customers and partners, including to our growers, to support them to be successful above our own need to succeed.

Grower and supplier Relationship

We are in this together, with our growers and suppliers, to seize opportunities and achieve more that we can achieve on our own.

Your success is our reward.